What Is Newage Tarot? An Inside Look At The Different Types Of Tarot Readings

Newage Tarot actually refers to a place on the Internet called NewAgeStore.com, which provides over 70,000 readings everyday. That’s a lot of readings and it’s fair to say that it’s one of the biggest places in the world where you can get a tarot reading. The difference between Newage Tarot from other tarot reading websites is the human touch. Although does NOT provide online readings. It features real human psychics who can give tarot readings based on different spreads. Interpreting the full meaning of a card really depends on its location on the spread. If you’re new to tarot cards and you want to study it, there are several spreads you can study. One of these is the Celtic tarot spread or the full spread. The Celtic spread gives an overview of current events and opportunities. This is the spread tarot readers use in a face-to-face situation.

How accurate are Tarot card readers? Are computer-generated Tarot readings accurate?

Accuracy is an issue for most people who get a tarot reading and it is the most difficult question to answer. But if you want a simple and straightforward answer, the answer is that tarot readings can never be 100% accurate even with human readers. Why? Because they are interpreting information and any interpretation can be shaded by the reader’s mental filters. Only people with highly-developed psychic powers can truly predict events with accuracy.

As for computer-generated readings, we think it really depends on your own skill at interpreting a tarot spread and making a correlation between that and the current situation you want help on.

But no matter how accurate a psychic is, he or she should NOT scare you with a warning about a fixed future event, especially a negative one. The future is, really, only a set of possibilities that could happen if you do certain things in the present. A good tarot reader will guide you on how to avoid a negative event. Also, he or she will not force you to buy certain products just to avoid a negative event.

Learning how to read Tarot

Anyway, if you want to learn how to read the tarot, you absolutely can. There are many resources online that teach people the meaning of card on the tarot and the different spreads and in what situations they are used for. If you want to take this path, you should get yourself a deck of tarot cards. Don’t worry because it’s really cheap. It only costs $10 on Amazon, cheaper if you buy something secondhand.

Even if you don’t think you’re a psychic, you can still use the tarot to gain insights into the future. The tarot has a complex system of interpretation that takes into account the meaning of the card and its position in a spread. If you’re serious enough, you will gain insights on which past actions are affecting your present. Once you know the present as it was affected by the past, it’s easier to determine where your future is heading. It’s like having someone who forces you to look at your life in a different way.

In other words, getting signs from heaving are not the only ways that you can predict the future. Sure, it’s not as mystical as a psychic reading, but commonsense can be sexy, you know.

Anyway, if you want to work with a psychic to give you a tarot reading, you can connect with thee psychics on http://www.newagestore.com/. Just remember what we told you earlier. A psychic can never be 100% accurate because of their mental filters and that the future is merely a set of possibilities based on your current situation. If the psychic tells you it’s a fixed event, run away from that scammer.


Don’t just go talk to a psychic hook, line and sinker. Instead, use the information you get to gain more insights about the situation you’re facing. Using the tarot as a divination tool has been going on for centuries. Just like in the past, people are using tarot reading to solve all sorts of problems which can really be broken down into two types of problems: love and money.

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