Tarot Readings With Playing Cards – Is it possible ?

You may or may not know it yet, but it is possible to turn your ordinary playing cards into a deck of tarot cards – you just need to assign meanings to each card. Once you memorize the means of each card, it will be easy enough to do a tarot reading.In this article, we will NOT give you a list of each card and their meaning. Rather, we will give you general information on what the spreads stand for. We will also teach you how to properly interpret the cards to predict future events.

Regular playing cards have four spreads: hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. For tarot reading, the hearts represent emotions, suffering or pain. Clubs represent friendships and relationships. Diamonds represent difficulties and money problems. Spades represent warnings. If you want to get specific meanings on each card, you get the information here

Basic Spreads

A simple spread that you can use is the seven triplets spread. This spread requires 21 cards from the regular deck of 52 cards. Before you start, take a deep breath, and shuffle the cards carefully. Divide the card into three stacks. The left tells you about your past lives. The right side tells you about your future. Get one card from each pile until you have seven groups composed of three cards. The middle card of each of the seven groups should come from the middle stack. In order to make the reading easier, arrange the groups in V formation.

The top two groups represent relationships and romance, the second group represents wealth and happiness, the third group represents success and career, while the bottom group represents family life. Using regular playing cards to make a tarot reading is practically unheard of.

If they wanted to get a reading, most people would go online to get an electronic tarot reading or go to a professional flesh-and-blood tarot reader. But yes, your casino cards can be used as tarot cards, however, you do need to memorize the meaning of each card.

People who get a tarot reading do so with the end-in-mind of getting a prediction on future events. However, there are actually two schools of thoughts in tarot. One is that the tarot is a tool that can be used to systematically examine your life situation. Because you need to interpret the card in relation to its spread in relation to your question, the reader is forced to make connections and put one plus one together.

Another school of thought takes its cue from the maxim of the mystics which states, “As above, so below”. In effect, the innocent tarot becomes a window into the heavens. To avoid falling into the trap of superstition, we suggest that you go for the first school of thought. But if you’ve always been the strong intuition type and have surprised people with your mental powers, you can, and should, follow the second school of thought.

Whatever you choose, however, just remember that the future is only a set of possibilities. It is NOT set in stone. Any predictions about a negative future event should be followed up with a question on how it can be avoided. Meanwhile, predictions about a positive event should be followed up with how it can be brought into your experience.

Using cards have been used for centuries as a divination tool. The tarot is probably the most popular. Between a deck of Tarot cards and playing cards, we think you should use Tarot cards. For one thing they’re not expensive at all. They only cost $10 on Amazon (playing cards cost $6). Another reason why you should use Tarot cards is convenience, that is, you don’t need to assign each card its own meaning and memorize those meanings.

It’s definitely NOT fun. Instead of memorizing meanings, it’s more productive to study the different spreads of the tarot (there are many of them) and how you can derive information from those spreads. In general, the accuracy of a tarot reading is an issue that plagues people all the time. If you’re one of those people, just remember that tarot readings can never be 100% accurate because the information passes through the mind filters of the reader.

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