Tarot Card Meanings: A short Introduction

The internet has always been a great place to get free stuff and free tarot card readings are no different. A lot of aspiring mediums are getting their start on the internet. Free tarot predictions are simple, powerful, and are a great way of bringing in new business. Take advantage of this information and get a free tarot prediction for yourself at one of the many online sites offering such a service. You shouldn’t expect them to explain everything to you during a free tarot reading, so you should read up on the subject and get an understanding for the cards and the process. Some of the most important tarot cards and their meaning are mentioned below. Read through this list before you get your next free tarot prediction and you’ll know exactly what your future holds.

The Fool

Is this is a very important part of the tarot deck. The Fool is the point of origin from everything is set in motion. You often begin the first step towards success as the Fool, but this is not to be misinterpreted as a bad thing. The first steps, while often overlooked, are some of the most important steps on your entire journey. The small fool is the secret power behind every large movement. The fool is a sense of pure potential that has yet to be molded into something purposeful. It is not a positive, nor a negative thing, but it contains the full potential to be both.

The Fool represents the untouched soul that has yet to learn its true destiny and position in this vast world. He might be called a fool by those who pass by, but he pays them no attention and continues to strive towards something more. It is his complete ignorance of the world around him that earns him the name, but through time and study he can find knowledge in anything. Be warned, the Fool may not remain the Fool for long.


Who does not fear the card of Death? What does this card mean and what could it hold for your future? Death is represented by a suit of black armor riding a fearsome steed. Death is arguably one of the most powerful presences in the entire deck, but it is not something to be feared. People are genuinely unaware that their body and mind is dying at all times around them. Death does not come to mean a moment of death in the future, but rather a transformation through time as the old you dies and a new you is born. It is Death that takes the Fool to become the King.

Death is simply a transition to another point in life. Many tarot cards also depict the symbol of the river on the card of Death. The river is mean to symbolize life, which will continue to forever continue. The water will eventually find its way to the sea, where it will rise to the clouds, fall to the land, and start its journey again once more. There can never be real destruction, but only a transformation, and this is exactly what the Death card holds in store for your future.

The Magician

This is perhaps one of the most interesting and beloved cards in the entire deck. The Magician represents individuality, unique power, and the ability of will to change the world around him. The Magician has the ability to take nothing and make something from it. It makes one of from zero and so forth. The Magician is simply a channel for some higher power that commands all, whether it’s a god, nature, or both. The Magician can often bring silly images to mind, but this is not what the Magician represents. He is a sign of true power and confidence, not slight of hand or trickery.

The Magician uses his powers to control all things around him, or at least have his influence. Today’s modern tarot decks include the magician with additional symbols, such as the snake, which are meant to represent infinity and time. This is to say that the power of the Magician is limitless and will know no end. Revealing a Magician in your future is always a sign of good things coming from a higher source.

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