Byzant Tarot vs in person Tarot Teading

Tarots have been used throughout history to predict futures. They are as popular now as they were before. The only difference is that now, thanks to the Internet and smart phone applications, people can get a tarot reading without ever meeting a tarot reader face-to-face. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how an online tarot reading like the Byzant tarot is different from an in-person tarot reading, specifically, if an online tarot reading is accurate.

Can Tarot Readings be accurate ?

There are no easy means to answer the question of accuracy, and most tarot websites agree that there’s no way of telling if their tarot readings are accurate. However, even human tarot readers will make no claims about their accuracy either. In most cases, the accuracy really depends on the individual’s actions in relation to a predicted event. If he believes it will happen, it will happen.

However, there is no doubt that the Tarot is an effective tool that helps people to look at their life situation from a systematic and insightful point-of-view. The combination of “systematic and “insightful” can be a powerful combination.

A Tarot reading, when taken seriously, enables people to have a better appreciation of the past and causes them to analyze how it is shaping the present. More importantly, the Tarot can present them with different possibilities and alternative futures. The power of the Tarot does not rest in the deck of cards, it rests on the fact that interpreting requires thoughtful analysis and exploration.

Self-Interpretation vs using a professional Tarot Reader

This leads us to one major difference between a Byzant tarot card reading and a face-to-face reading. With the former, you will have to really stretch your mind to interpret what the cards mean for you. With the latter, the interpretation of the cards depends on the filters and intuitional impulses of the reader.

If specific future events are foretold, questions on whether those events are avoidable obviously follow. However, any reading of the Tarot should NOT yield in a fixed event in the future. If a reader tells you that the event is fixed, he or she is a scammer you should avoid.

The cards that are mapped out show only potential events, things that could happen if you don’t do anything to change how the future unfolds. Most readings deal with a present event or a current problem. It will show you insights on what events in the past led to this situation. Once you know the “how” (as in “How did I get here?”) of your present, it will be easy enough to map out the course of your actions. If there are readings that suggest negative future events, you will be guided on how to avoid them. If they are for positive events, they will suggest ways on how to allow those things to happen.

Mystical Explanations of the Tarot Cards

There are two schools of thought that currently govern Tarot reading. One school of thought believes there’s nothing mystical about the cards. In this case, the Tarot merely provides a framework for the reader to analyze a situation and explore possible futures by analyzing how the past created the present. When you consider the meaning of a card’s position in a spread against the situation on hand, the mind will naturally look for meanings and links. In this way, fresh insights on how to approach the problem are arrived at.

The second school of thought believes that Tarot readings can predict future events. The belief is based on the maxim of the mystics which says,” As above, so below”, which means that the simple cards can mirror the heavens, enabling the reader to see the future. You can turn to Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity for the validity of this school of thought. Synchronicity simply means coincidences of meaningfully-related events that can’t be explained by normal cause and effect.


In conclusion, the difference between an online reading and a face-to-face reading really depends on the ability of the reader to properly interpret the cards and their position in the spread in relation to your situation. With online reading, the interpretation really depends on you. With in-person in all depends on the ability of the person you hire.

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